Can Aerial Work Platforms Extend Downward?


When you think of aerial work platforms, you likely don’t think of downward extensions, but that is entirely possible with the lift rentals at Alpha Platforms. The applications for this interesting technology are more numerous than one may initially imagine.

Using Aerial Work Platforms Downward

The 7 Bend

rsz_2015-10-26_152004-1024x760 Can Aerial Work Platforms Extend Downward?Many of our lifts, especially taller boom lifts, have multiple joints that allow for some flexible folding. With tall buildings requiring a simultaneous vertical and horizontal lift, our boom lifts fill that need by using numerous joints and directional extensions. By allowing our aerial rental lift operators to move upward, forward, backward, and even downward, we can successfully reach shapes that are up and over an obstacle, such as a flat, terrace-like portion of a tall building. Typically, accessing these areas can be very difficult, as work crews can’t get a lift onto the terrace to reach the vertical windows above; by using a tall lift that can bend over the terrace, our experienced team can access the area from the street.

Below Ground Applications

downward Can Aerial Work Platforms Extend Downward?While rare, there are instances that require the height access work to occur below the truck; a few examples of this instance include:

  • Working on very steep inclines that do not allow for secure lift parking can require the lift basket to go below the point of the truck to reach a tree or building further down the incline.
  • Canyons or ravines that are too deep or dangerous to operate a lift from the basin will require a lift at the top to lower workers downward.
  • In the event of an earthquake or subway cave-in, accessing under the damaged area from a truck safely parked atop the remaining road is a viable solution.
  • Shorelines can often require maintenance, especially docks and seawalls. These areas can be difficult to access, even with divers, when they are tall and working from a boat is far less stable than a lowered aerial lift from land.


Many signs and buildings in New York weren’t designed with user maintenance in mind. These oddities can come in the form of electronic billboards adorning the side of a layered building, access panels located closely between two buildings, or any other up-and-over access point. By using our tallest boom lifts, your height access can ascend upward, forward, and then downward to access the area that needs work. This rare feature allows for workers to not be confined to tall ladders at perilous heights, but instead work from a stable and comfortable cage or platform. We frequently find use for this up-and-over or around-and-behind technology when assisting with Time Square advertising maintenance.

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