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Case Study:

How to Repair a Brick Wall 30 Feet Up and Over a Roof Without Standing on the Roof

What was the challenge?

In the past, this second-generation masonry restoration and repairs business used standard JLG lifts, other assorted lift rentals, and swing stage scaffolding to access job sites at various heights.

This project involved reparations of a brick wall on the Land Title Building. The challenge was that the 50-foot-high by 30-foot-wide brick wall did not face the street.

Accessing it from the roof would require an extra-long swing stage, plus access to the roof. To further complicate matters, the job site was located on a narrow, one-way Philadelphia street.
So, the JLG lifts and other lift options were completely unsuitable for the job

What was the solution?

The client rented an Alpha Platforms aerial work platform for a team of bricklayers to repair and replace some wall brickwork. To reach “up and over” the roof to repair the wall, Alpha Platforms deployed its A-150 truck-mounted aerial platform with a full-time trained and IPAF-certified operator. The operator delivered the platform straight to the job site by 7 am on the scheduled day, set it up in just 15 minutes, and invited the crew of bricklayers into the basket to begin work.
Due to the “up-and-over” capabilities and unique side reach of Alpha Platforms lifts, the entire project was completed from a single set-up location on the street in one day. A similar job using other combinations of lifts and riggings would have taken several days - if not longer - to complete
The specs of the state-of-the-art 150-foot boom lift:

What was the outcome?

Two masons placed all their bricks, mortar, tools, and equipment into Alpha’s 12-foot wide, 1,320-pound load capacity basket. To access hard-to-reach places, Alpha’s professional operator maneuvered the 150-foot lift up and over the roof and along the wall, allowing the bricklayers to focus just on the needed repairs.

As a result, the job was completed in less than one day.

The crew was impressed by the truck's versatility and its lifting and maneuvering capabilities. Having a full-time operator and the extra-wide basket proved extremely valuable to the work crew, allowing them to load everything at once and finish the job quickly.

Our precise German-made lifts have become the height access method of choice for those who try them, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.
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Notable 150 Foot Boom Lift Capabilities
  • 12-foot extra large cage
  • 1,322 lbs lifting capacity for crew, equipment, and materials
  • Side reach up to 95 feet
  • Parking on a slope up to 10°
  • Jib length 31’ 6’
  • Parking in tight spaces 8’6’’ wide
  • Cage rotation 2 x 80°

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Customer Testimonials
from Case Studies

Mike P.
Building restoration services family business owner

We wanted to give it a try and see what this boom truck could do. We loved the idea of a wide basket that could reach up to 30 feet and get to the brick wall over the roof. The main reason we loved the truck was how it maneuvered the boom to lower the bricks inside a dumpster, which was located behind the truck. It saved us at least one extra day of work. It all went great.

Joseph A.
Head stone mason, national cathedral

The project was performed successfully, and we were really glad to have contactless means of reaching the building, as we all know that pipe scaffold might damage the structure, in this case, very very sensitive.

Jason A.
Director of operations, family-owned regional electrical services provider

Alpha has the most efficient and leanest site setup time I’ve ever seen. My brother, who is the top climber of our group, first struggled to understand how this cage could go around the tower better than the crane - and when it did the whole 360°, he became a believer. Also, each laborer said how incredibly safe they felt - very different from the small crane basket. We were able to secure and push back the panels in place without the basket ever moving.

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