Telescopic or Articulating Boom Lift: What One Should You Choose?


When you are planning a construction, window cleaning, harvesting or another project, which requires height access, you have to choose the right equipment. If you haven’t had experience with boom lifts, you need to learn the specifics of these machines. This information can help you with the selection process.

A boom lift is also called a cherry picker. It’s the choice of many managers for numerous project sites. This height access equipment is an excellent choice for tasks when workers need to stay at a certain height for an extended period of time.

Essentially, a boom lift is a platform attached at a top of a mechanical arm, which is operated from a cabin below.

Two different types of boom lifts exist, Telescopic and Articulating. Choosing one over the other depends on the nature of your project. Making the right selection doesn’t just boost the efficiency of the work done, it improves the safety of the employees and the structures around them.

Telescopic Boom Lift

A telescopic boom lift, also called a straight boom lift, employs a boom (a mechanical arm), which extends straight up from the base. These lifts are often employed for projects, which require the height access equipment to move around objects.

Telescopic boom extends upward without an ability to maneuver sideways.

Articulating Boom Lift

In these lifts, a boom has several sections, which allow it to bend. These lifts are highly maneuverable. They are used for projects requiring high maneuverability around certain objects.

When extended, articulating boom lifts can’t be moved as easily as telescopic boom lifts.

Which Lift Is The Best For Your Project?

Both telescopic and articulating boom lifts are highly demanded. More often than not, both of them can be required to complete a certain project. When choosing which lift to rent, you have to consider the environment you’ll be working in.

Articulating boom is a good choice for small spaces, in which you need maneuverability. Telescopic boom lifts are excellent when you need to reach certain heights. Due to their structure, articulating boom lifts can’t reach as high up as their telescopic counterparts.

Telescopic lifts are more stable than articulating lifts so they are excellent for rough terrains.

If you aren’t sure which boom lift suits your project the best, always get a professional opinion about the matter. A respectable rental company can evaluate your needs and help you make the right decision.



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