What You Need To Know About Façade Maintenance

What You Need To Know About Façade Maintenance

If you make the right decision about timely façade maintenance, it’s easy to avoid eventual replacement or repair of the components, which are unlikely to be reasonably priced. Façades don’t need daily maintenance and usually stay intact for many years before showing the first signs of decay.

What You Need To Know About Façade Maintenance

Unfortunately, when the signs do appear, it may be too late to do any preventive maintenance and save money. That’s why any commercial building owner should set up a maintenance schedule, organize inspections, and deal with minor problems timely. Renting height access equipment from a respectable company can simplify the process.

1. Start With An Inspection

Building managers should inspect the building’s current condition. It should include reviewing the original design of the building as well as the documentation of the previous repairs. Then a simple visual inspection is performed. A report of the inspection should be made to ensure a proper maintenance schedule setup.

2. Discuss Each Issue Separately

Each problem with the façade requires evaluation to understand which one needs immediate attention. For example, such safety issues as crumbling masonry must be dealt with first. Minor façade cracks can be left off for later.

3. Establish A Schedule

Once the work scope is identified, you can establish a repair and maintenance schedule according to the budget. The schedule should include maintenance of the potential problem areas as well as repair of immediate issues.

While establishing a schedule, you should learn the expected material deterioration time and lifespan information.

4. Arrange Façade Cleaning

Façade cleaning is not just an integral part of its maintenance, it can keep your building looking appealing while allowing the cleaners to identify the problem if any. It’s important to clean the façade before each inspection in order not to have dirt and grime interfere with identifying the problem areas.

After the restoration and repairs are done, additional cleaning is required to remove the unwanted material residue. The only reason why you shouldn’t clean the façade before the repair is if the problem you are dealing with are leaks.

5. Hire Professional Repairmen

It’s the owner’s responsibility to follow the state Construction Code to keep the building in good shape. So it’s important to hire repairmen, who are familiar with the state requirements. Trying to save on façade repair can lead to unfortunate consequences.

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