Rental of Aerial Lifts in Houston, Texas

Rental of Aerial Lifts in Houston, Texas

Do you need a reliable provider of boom lifts in Houston, Texas? It is the company Alpha Platforms that has managed to expand from New York to almost every American state with superb height access equipment for rent.

Any manipulations at height are a serious kind of work where safety must be a top priority. Alpha Platforms has the deep knowledge of height access industry and offers the safest and most professional services in Houston, Texas.

Support at every stage of the AWP renting process

We regularly test and inspect our boom lifts to ensure the best performance and quality of the works to the clients. With help of Alpha Platforms, you can elevate any loads and workers to the required height in any working conditions. Our fleet consists of diverse articulated and telescopic aerial lifts, including those specially designed for rough terrain and highly challenging jobs. Perfect machines come with highly knowledgeable personnel, and each operator is properly licensed. Our substantial background in this industry allows to offer the quality of the highest international standards. We will guide you throughout the whole process of renting a truck mounted boom lift and professionally answer all questions about height access services. Alpha Platforms is also ready to promptly solve any issue emerging in the middle of the work.

The basic information to know when you hire an aerial work platform

You should choose a boom lift for your task depending on different factors, which include working conditions, kind of loads to be elevated, height to be reached, required side reach, necessity to overcome obstacles both on the ground and in the air, whether the site is enclosed or not and many more. That is why you should always start the hiring process with a detailed talk to specialists who are competent enough to answer any height access question.

Hiring an appropriate machine, you save nerves, time and money. Hiring a boom lift from Alpha Platforms, you acquire a true partner and friend 2 in 1.

Rental of Aerial Lifts in Houston, Texas  Alpha Platforms

All your height access needs in one place

Here in Houston, Texas, our company maintains a large and very diverse fleet of truck mounted boom lifts from the best manufacturers for a huge number of purposes. We have acquired knowledge and excellent machines to cover all height access jobs emerging in front of you. Both indoor and outdoor applications, rough terrain and urban tasks, maneuverable articulated aerial work platforms and telescopic ones to reach ultimate heights – all you need about height access is here in one company.

Do you need a maneuverable boom lift to come fast and easily enter the site, to be able to frequently change positions and locations, the one with zero emissions? Or maybe, you’re looking for a boom lift with ultimately long reach and superb stability? With Alpha Platforms you will surely avoid disappointment, risks, wasted time and losses. The company already has hundreds of happy clients in many American cities, most of them turn into regular ones. A contract with Alpha Platforms is a guarantee of success in the industry connected with works at height.

Visit our official website to check out the boom lifts available for hiring in Houston, Texas. We added detailed information and specifications for every model to let you know what machine could be best for you. Avoid any guesswork by discussing details with our helpful specialists.

Alpha Platforms can prove that you can hire really good aerial work platforms even with a tight budget. The working schedule can be really flexible. Be assured that the company will find the optimal solution for you.

Briefly about Alpha Platforms

We started our business as a pioneer in the industry in New York striving to offer innovations and great quality of customer service.

  • Our final goal is not making money for every deal but building long-term, mutually beneficial relationship where Alpha Platform remains the company of your choice for many years.
  • We want to set the highest standards for the height access industry to make the market grow and develop, as well as the US economy.
  • We believe that education, innovation and permanent improvement are underlying factors in what we do.
  • Regardless of the fact that our business is all around aerial work platforms, the most significant value of Alpha Platforms is people – their brains, hands and talent. We do our best to provide them with good training and nice career opportunities.
  • Houston, Texas, is another big city where we launched our business. Today all the best models of our fleet are available for your purposes in your city. Do not miss the opportunity to directly cooperate with the best American provider of the modern height access equipment!
    Our team is waiting for your call!

Rental of Aerial Lifts in Houston, Texas  Alpha Platforms

Alpha Platforms is the pioneer in operated boom lift rentals and height access service in the 150-300-ft range. Our precise German-made lifts have become the favorite height access method for those who try them once, as they combine unmatched productivity, safety, and reach.


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